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Open Water Fishing

Open was fishing is a hobby that is shared by many people. From fishing the ocean to fishing the lakes in Minnesota there is always someone fishing. Some people use it as a stress reliever as others use it to have a day with their family and spend time with each other. If you haven’t tried fishing before I highly recommend it and it could be good for you! Good luck fishing!


Motocross is a very fun but dangerous sport. I takes a special breed of person to jump on a dirt bike and send it off some of the biggest jumps possible. Most people who race are adrenaline junkies and it is not a easy sport to play. There is never a dull moment on a Sunday afternoon at the race track. From 65’s to the A class riders it is all intense to watch. So next time you see a motocross track grab a lawn chair and watch the show!

Yamaha Motocross Motorcycles

Online School Vs Traditional

It depends on the person of what they would rather do for schooling. Now that we are forced to do online with the pandemic that is going on it gives me another view of it. I like that I can be back in my home town working part time and yet get my school work done. I do miss the class room environment and I learn better in the classroom. I’m not quite getting the college experience I was hoping for but i am making it work.

Turkey Hunting

Turkey hunting is a challenging skill that many hunters pursue. As seasons are getting close hunters are gearing up. It is important to have good decoys calls and the right camouflage for this job. It is very important to blend in to your surroundings and be very still because turkeys can see like a hawk and can hear like a wolf. They are mostly seen as a big dumb bird but they are actually extremely intelligent. It is a interesting hobby as a turkey has a brain the size of a pea and will hump a rubber decoy but yet out smarts most hunters. Good luck hunting and have fun this season!

Leftover Wisconsin spring turkey permits for sale beginning Monday

2020 Diesel Trucks

Dodge, Chevy, and Ford all make competitive diesel trucks. I think Chevy made the best truck this year and here is why. Doge has always had a good motor and this year they stepd it up with the Allison transmission. The bad thing about Dodge is their leaver interior is thin and low quality. Ford has a good truck but with the aluminum body makes it a bad work truck and it is prone to dents. Chevy doesn’t have the prettiest truck but they are very reliable and and for the price they are the cheapest and yet the best truck to buy. With a stunning 600 horse power motor you cant go wrong with a Chevy.

Snow Goose Hunting

Snow goose hunting is a tradition carried by thousands of people. There is a few ways you can hunt these birds. Either you can hunt them over decoys witch can be very expensive or you can jump them. When hunting them over decoys you typically have to spend thousands of dollars on decoys. When you jump them all you need them is a gun and a good buddie.

Waterfowl Hunting

Waterfowl hunting is a obsession that many people in the outdoor world have. It can range from chasing millions of snow geese to hunting sand-hill cranes. It is a expensive hobby to have when decoys range 200-400 dollars per dozen. South Dakota is one of the best states in the US to hunt for waterfowl. One of my favorite species of waterfowl to hunt is Canada Geese.